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Episode #56

Jason Sisneros

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Former drug dealer talks about his transformation into top business CEO



Guest Bio:

Jason Sisneros is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His life has taken him around the world speaking on over 3000 stages, consulting with hundreds of business owners, and supporting charities across the globe.

As a speaker, Jason takes very seriously a genuine responsibility to go out and be the spark, the inspiration that moves his audience the one millimeter, one inch, one step forward that they need to create momentum.



Beyond the mistakes of his own choices, Jason was also given life circumstances nearly impossible to overcome. Things that he didn’t choose like an abusive adopted father and a gang-ridden upbringing created a life of fighting to get where he is now. So, the difference that he makes on stage is he allows people to confront or admit their own flaws as he stands as an example doing the same in front of millions of people.



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Show Notes


  • Introduction (3:18)

  • Early childhood for Jason and how he was a drug dealer (3:48)
  • Processing a situation to find a better outcome (7:05)
  • Jason's journey and how he got through it (11:12)
  • When Jason learned the difference between right and wrong (17:05)
  • Jason's opinion on being a good person and Jimmy Rex (19:30)
  • What is Jason's purpose in life and how he views service (21:33)
  • What life lessons do you want to be able to tell your children (24:45)
  • The road to homelessness for Jason in his thirties (26:15)
  • How Jason was first introduced to Tony Robbins (28:10)
  • Just because you love something doesn't mean that will be the right thing (33:31)
  • Jason in meeting with Tony Robbins and attending an event (38:38)
  • First Job after changing his life around (39:00)
  • Jason's first job working with Tony Robbins (41:08)
  • Jason's approach to public speaking and being a motivational influencer (43:18)
  • How a mistake should not define you but how you should learn from it (46:55)
  • Advice that Jason has for anyone in business or wants to go into business (49:00)
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