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Episode #242

Jeanette Bennett

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Founder of Bennett Communications + Utah Valley Magazine & Being A Glue That Brings An Amazing Community Together


Guest Bio:

Jeanette Bennett is founder and editor-in-chief at Bennett Communications, where she primarily focuses her pen on Utah Valley Magazine, BusinessQ Magazine and Prosper Magazine. Jeanette earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism from BYU and has been a regular guest on HuffPostLive. She has moderated gubernatorial debates and numerous business panels. Jeanette plays the piano and organ, but her feet did the talking last year when she took third place in “Dancing with the Community Stars.” Jeanette has a love/hate relationship with deadlines, half marathons and the stock market — and she has a love/love relationship with glossy pages, watching her kids play sports and enjoying Utah’s canyons. She and her husband, Matt, are raising their five children in Cedar Hills.


Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:31)

  • Getting involved with Journalism (3:12)

  • The power of media (8:15)

  • Networking (12:30)

  • Interviewing teenagers (16:55)

  • Taking the foot of the gas (24:42)

  • Discussing business and becoming you (32:30)

  • Covid-19 (37:04)



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