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Episode #311
Jeremiah "The Bull" Evans

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Founder Of Alpha Influence Has Built An Eight Figure Company In His Mid-20s


Guest Bio:


Jeremiah “The Bull” Evans, owner and founder of Alpha Influence has generated over $11 million in personal sales and has helped hundreds of others build their own six-figure businesses. He is an expert sales coach, and a master motivator. His mission is to help others create the same success using a method called “The Tri-Force of Wealth.” This powerful strategy is the same method used by millionaires and billionaires to create their generational wealth. His bull mentality and journey to success makes him one of the most prolific entrepreneurs we have today!

Show Notes

  • Intro (1:37)

  • Being bullied and the nickname “The Bull” (3:25)

  • No one is coming to save you (5:40)

  • Having a sales skillset (18:33)

  • The power of building a team (27:00)

  • Protecting yourself by learning from others (29:00)

  • Final advice on bullying (36:55)

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