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Episode #292
Jesse Christiansen

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Partner At Oncoor Teaches Us About The Evolving World Of College Athletes & How They Can Get Paid With NIL Rules

Guest Bio:


Jesse Christensen is the Chief Revenue Officer at the popular sports marketing agency, Oncoor. He is quickly becoming one of the leading experts in the field of working with College Athletes and their NIL. Jesse is the cause of plenty of major endorsements that are starting to be in the works and is going to continue to help fight for athletes to make deserved income.

Show Notes

    • Introduction (2:04)

    • Changes with NIL (4:11)

    • Power of Instagram (12:56)

    • What is NIL and how is it with NCAA (22:03)

    • Rely on the experts (28:19)

    • Small windows for Athletes (44:32)

    • Next steps for Oncoor (46:15)


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