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Episode #265

Jimmy Rex

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I'm Joining EXP Realty & The 17 Year Real Estate Journey That Led Me Here

Guest Bio:

Jimmy Rex is best known for his top-rated podcast "The Jimmy Rex Show" and his best-selling book "You End Up Where You're Heading." But his life is so much more than that.  He is a real estate expert having sold over 2500 homes in his career, an angel investor in over a dozen businesses including a seed round investor in Nikola motors, entrepreneur, adventurer, and family man.  

Jimmy is also an adrenaline junkie and loves to give back, always looking for the next great story.  Whether it is swimming with tiger sharks, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, running with the bulls, or working undercover to help rescue kids being sex trafficked, Jimmy is never bored. Recently he returned back from his 70th country visited.  His mission is to share love with all and to show everyone around him how to live an extraordinary life.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:18)

  • Making a switch (4:03)

  • Adapting and changing (8:07)

  • Future of Rex Real Estate (15:45)

  • Why Exp Realty (21:03)

  • The current market and conditions (28:33)

  • Investing in the future (33:15)


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