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Episode #196

Jocelynn Harward

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Co-Owner Of Harward Media Talks About Building A Dream Life By Overcoming A Series Of Challenges & Struggles


Guest Bio:
Jocelynn likes making order out of chaos.

Starting at 14 years old, Jocelynn taught herself web design and photoshop so she could list her families plastic products on the internet. She got referrals and had her first little startup helping small businesses get on the internet.

That 'get it handled' attitude has become the theme of Jocelynn's career, making her a cornerstone in any organization she is part of.

Organizer and fulfiller, Jocelynn is the one that makes sure the internal components of the company are running smoothly. In 2015 this led to her being promoted to COO of an international import/export organization that did $18,000,000.00 in revenue that second year of business.

Currently, Jocelynn's job is to execute and implement the million dollar dreams of the Harward Media team. Gifted with people and employee relations, she tends to build teams that follow her into battle, her greatest pride at the company is it's healthy culture.

Other than in the office, you will find Jocelynn officiating weddings, facetiming with coaching clients, and jetsetting with her two kids around the globe.

Jocelynn's passion are people and experiences.



Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:52)

  • Dealing with the Coronavirus + China (2:30)

  • Viewing the economy from global perspective (6:02)

  • Changing approach to business during this time (6:58)

  • Black Friday - Million Dollar Sales Day (7:23)

  • Failing during business and re trying until success (10:06)

  • Being in a business partnership with spouse (12:22)

  • "Buckle Down Protocol" (15:58)

  • The importance of being Strategically Unbalanced (16:52)

  • Starting Harward Media and shifting (18:47)

  • Being apart of a successful business that fails (20:52)

  • Investing in the person, not the idea (23:48)

  • Being okay with the down times to keep moving forward (26:51)

  • Being sexually abused while growing up (30:50)

  • Empowerment training with other women (34:29)

  • Starting a group for other entrepreneur couples (41:15)


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