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Episode #324
John Edward

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Amputee & Gay Former U.S. Marine Sergeant Opens Up About Life & Overcoming Obstacles


Guest Bio:


John Edward is a former service member of and Sergeant the United States Marine Corps and a Naval Academy Coach. John is an amputee having had his left leg amputated just below the knee. He participates in the Adaptive CrossFit Games and the Paralympics in weightlifting. In addition to his struggles as an amputee, John had difficulties in the military having joined the service as a gay man before “Don’t ask don’t tell” was repealed.

Show Notes:


  • Intro (1:21)

  • Struggles in the service (5:53)

  • Dealing with uncomfortable situations (11:12)

  • Overcoming traumas (22:15)

  • Post military (29:52)

  • Growing up in foster care (35:00)

  • Not being offended at a different (40:53)

  • Advice to those struggling to belong (47:02)

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