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Episode #194

John Lee Dumas

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Host "Entrepreneurs On Fire” Shares How He Started His Podcast That Has 2K + Episodes & 1 Million + Listens A Month


Guest Bio:
John came up with the idea to launch a daily podcast interviewing today’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs when he realized no one else was doing it.

All of his favorite podcasts – ones that shared interviews with individuals who were doing amazing things and leading inspiring lives – were once per week, and some of them only once every other week.

As a Commercial Real Estate Broker, John found himself in the car every single day driving back and forth to appointments wishing there was more motivational content available to him on-demand.

That’s when he had his own AH-HA moment and decided that he would be the one to create that content.

The name EOFire, short for “Entrepreneurs On Fire”, was inspired by the late, great Stuart Scott, who was famous not only for being an incredible sportscaster, but also for a phrase he loved and used often: “HE’S ON FIRE!”

Scott would use the term in reference to a player who was on such a roll that he couldn’t be stopped.

When John heard Scott use the phrase during the 2012 playoffs, he knew it was a perfect fit for his podcast that would share the journeys of entrepreneurs who couldn’t be stopped.



Show Notes


  • Introduction (4:54)

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur (7:39)

  • Starting with desire and passion (8:17)

  • Advice to someone just wanting to start (10:50)

  • Starting a podcast (12:41)

  • Going to college or not (14:13)

  • Who does he look up to as a mentor (15:32)

  • What recommendations for someone starting a podcast (17:00)

  • Coronavirus and what does he think (18:45)

  • Monetizing a podcast (19:48)


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