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Episode #118

John Moyer

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Hypnotist, Stand-Up Comic, & Writer of "The Singles Ward" Shares How Humor & The Mind Has Shaped A Great Life

Guest Bio:


By combining twenty years of award-winning stand-up comedy experience, with a natural quick-wit and improvisational showmanship, John Moyer connects with every audience. His "approachable persona" is genuine. This authenticity drives his passion to deliver an entertainment experience to be remembered. 


To John, it's not just "a show." It's about engaging and interacting with audiences, to tap into what it means for them to experience their particular event from a point of view that makes it fun for everybody. Whatever the event requires- an emcee, a comedian or John's most popular entertainment experience, stage hypnosis, John's creative and outside-the-box approach, delivers.


Corporations, colleges, high schools, entertainment planners and a variety of private events have booked John, and continue to book him. John's stage hypnosis show, in particular, is a unique, exciting experience. Hypnosis shows are an art-form that date back a couple hundred years, and John reboots that art-form for 2016. Back-dropped by modern music and shaped with pop culture, there's a frame of reference that's fun and relative to audience members of every age. 


More than this, however, John delivers an additional element that defines his hypnosis show for audiences: Every on-stage participant receives a lasting gift that harnesses the power of their minds for good.


John's skills as a performer guarantee entertainment that's uplifting for everyone, in every audience. His training as a Master Hypnotist and a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist (CCH) guarantees his volunteers access an area of their beliefs about themselves, that empowers them to attain goals and jettison negative habits that hold them back.





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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:25)

  • Jimmy opening for John Moyer in Stand-up comedy (2:08)

  • Writing "The Singles Ward" (4:30)

  • Learning the lesson of pleasing everyone possible (21:31)

  • Mixing Hypnosis and comedy (28:48)

  • The benefits of Hypnosis (35:17)

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