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Episode #19

John Pestana

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Omniture Co-Founder & Tech Pioneer Turns Building Websites Into Billion Dollar Business


Known as the Pioneer of the Utah Tech World, John Pestana is the Co-founder of ObservePoint, a software as a service company based in Provo, Utah. ObservePoint builds an innovative Data Assurance technology that improves the data quality of online marketing technologies. Prior to ObservePoint John co-founded Omniture, a web analytics company which was sold to Adobe in 2009 for over a billion dollars. An extraordinary entrepreneur, John has been honored with awards such as Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the Entrepreneur of the Decade by the BYU Marriott School Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.



Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:23]

  • Who he was before all the tech companies [4:55]

  • Art and music were his first passion but that quickly changed [5:17]

  • Why his mom set his financial goals for him at a young age and how it stuck with him [6:08]

  • What was taught at his weekly meetings [9:30]

  • Reason why he and his wife decided to sell all of the wedding presents [10:26]

  • What he got from building websites [15:17]

  • The process of getting better after failures [17:53]

  • Going from a 60 million dollar company evaluation to an 8 million dollar evaluation [23:27]

  • From a small company to an extremely large company [24:21]

  • At age 35, what he did with his life after he sold the company [27:46]

  • His rule for lending money to friends [30:20]

  • He decided he was going to become a millionaire [31:40]

  • The catalyst for him to start another tech company [34:56]

  • Peace is letting people make their own decisions [37:45]

  • Why people only focus on things if/when it is happening to them [41:44]

  • The number one value of all else is freedom [44:12]

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