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Episode #07


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The Balance of Mind, Body, and Soul

Drafted in the 1998 Major League Baseball Draft, John found himself having a career that many professional baseball players dream of having. After a short run in the minor leagues, John found himself quickly placed into the starting lineup for the Royals. He then went on to be an All - Star catcher who was best known for both his defensive skills behind the plate and his powerful swing. Since retiring from the majors, John has found himself becoming a serial entrepreneur and a man who is giving back in all different directions to his community and the state of Utah. As you listen, John opens up to us about his childhood, his struggles before his success, and the role of a husband and father

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction [2:00]

  • John on his “fend for yourself” childhood and how it shaped him [2:35]

  • How John’s parents divorce and younger brother’s suicide forced him to “grow up quick” [3:45]

  • John on taking life’s challenges and harnessing them into positives [5:15]

  • John gets emotional about his brother and his need to “finish it for two” [5:50]

  • John on his “why” and the intensity that sometimes rubs people the wrong way[6:30]

  • On his run through the minor leagues and the accident that delayed his first trip to the majors [7:14]

  • John talks about learning how to connect and communicate from Brad Ausmus [8:43]

  • What it was like to play in the “major leagues” of the Dominican Republic and learning the speed of the game in Latin America [9:45]

  • What drove John to have to get TWO alias’ to protect his identity? [11:35]

  • John on being a two sport star in high school and getting a “leg up” from his uncle who was at University of Nebraska [13:40]

  • On when it “clicked” that John wanted to be a baseball player and he knew football was over [14:20]

  • John on how the clash between his ego, dyslexia and the ACT [15:38]

  • How John created a strategy and “game plan” to work around the stigma of having a learning disability and the people around him that gave him confidence [16:40]

  • How John got revenge on the kickball field [18:00]

  • On sports as a tool to educate and empower our youth and where parents get it wrong [18:50]

  • John’s obsession to learn how our brains work and how to create positivity [21:00]

  • On seeing broken things in the community and not walking away from them [22:00]

  • What it was like to “arrive” in the major leagues and dealing with the spotlight [24:00]

  • 10-year John driving past the major league stadium he would eventually play in and the challenge given to him by his dad [26:00]

  • John on crushing the ball on his first at-bat and the outcome he didn’t expect [28:00]

  • Why John’s mentor Tony Pena called him “cow tail” [29:00]

  • John’s all star year “when it all clicked” and was able to let it go and enjoy himself [31:00]

  • How the people around John helped him be “single-minded” on his way to success [33:00]

  • On preparing for the game like a poker player [34:03]

  • The “honeymoon period” of retiring from baseball and how he got back into the game another way [35:13]

  • John on the competitive edge gained from sports translating to the business world [37:01]

  • On failure and taking stock of what you learned [38:01]

  • John on the balance of mind, body and soul [39:50]

  • How John is learning patience in business and working with his most important teammate (his wife) [40:25]

  • The “secret” Karl Malone told him as a kid that made a difference in his life [41:35]

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