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Episode #10

Johnny Hanna

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Top Real Estate Agent Interviews CEO of Tech Company Trying to Disrupt the Industry



CEO and founder of the tech company Homie, Johnny is on a mission to change and revolutionize the real estate world as he sees it. Homie has gained traction quick by using his software to sell numerous homes. As your listening to this episode, pay attention as this entrepreneur juggles work life with home life, the way he views current real estate agents, and his struggles that he has had launching this business as well as others.



Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:39]

  • How he founded Homie [3:20]

  • What he learned at a young age [6:54]

  • How he picked up his tech background [9:30]

  • Balancing work and family [11:46]

  • Having a 'why' in everything you do [14:32]

  • How billboards were effective for him [17:04]

  • What was lacked before Homie [18:54]

  • How backlash helped his business [24:03]

  • What he pictures real estate to be like in the next ten years [29:26]

  • Overcoming challenges [35:43]

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