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Episode #235

Jordan Harbinger

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Podcast Host & Radio Personality Shares How He Built His Podcast To Over 6 Million Downloads Per Month

Guest Bio:

Jordan is a Wall Street lawyer turned podcast interviewer. His approachable style and knack for securing high-profile guests have led some to call him the “Larry King of podcasting.” His show, The Jordan Harbinger Show,  was voted Apple’s “Best of 2018.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (3:23)

  • Interviewing Kobe Bryant (4:45)

  • Getting kidnapped in Mexico (9:05)

  • Attempted kidnapping for second time (12:59)

  • Business in Korea (22:53)

  • The truth about other Countries (33:15)

  • The bad of being a “pick up artist” (41:01)

  • 6 - Minute Networking Course (47:02)

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