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Episode #215

Jordan Morrow

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World Leading Expert On All Things Data Talks About Why This Aspect Of Our Lives Is More Important Than Ever

Guest Bio:
As the CDO or Head of Data in your organization, what steps are you taking to build a data-driven culture?

To close the data literacy skills gap and establish a data-centric culture, we need to dispel the myth that only data scientists are qualified to work on data analytics. Through education and training, organizations can create a culture where everyone has the skills and is encouraged to be curious about data.

As the Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik, I help individuals and organizations realize their data and analytical potential by strengthening their data literacy.

I lead Qlik’s data literacy program across our various channels, which has seen a rapid rise in engagement and is now at the forefront of industry thought leadership. This curriculum is designed to help people learn and improve their data and analytical capabilities, gain an understanding of how to effectively use data and analytics and help prepare them to work with the large amounts of data found in modern organisations.

Before the transition to Qlik, I was involved in the development of the Business Intelligence group for the United States Consumer Card group at American Express. For my involvement that led to the creation of strategic reports, curriculum and training for this program, I was awarded the President's Club Award in 2017.

I’m passionate about bringing the human touch to a world of numbers. I get the greatest feeling of satisfaction when I can help people see and understand the power that data and analytics can bring to them -- in their careers, their businesses or in their personal lives.

When not working with helping our customers upskill their organizations’ data literacy capabilities, I can be found with my family or trail running the mountains of Utah.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:48)

  • Using data for strong prediction (3:50)

  • Ending up in Data Literacies (4:25)

  • Covid-19 and data (7:25)

  • Growing multiple decisions and opinions (19:56)

  • Being willing to change and forgive (23:09)

  • Risk of having too much data (28:29)

  • Dealing with depression (40:11)

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