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Episode #116

Jordan Pendleton

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Founder Of Performance One Training Tells How He Trains Collegiate & Pro Athletes To Their Peak Performance


Guest Bio:

Jordan has a passion for football and for training football players. His recent training has been preparing multiple athletes to compete at multiple pro days at various different colleges.

His training techniques and methods help build explosive speed and power while preventing injury by teaching proper technique and form.

Jordan was a star athlete for Brigham Young's Football team, where he was a sure shot to the NFL until a bad knee injury turned his dream into something that wasn't possible due to the severity of his injury.

He then turned his life into finding ways to help other athletes and people not go through what he did by training the right way and learning to be healthy.





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Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:08)

  • Dealing with injuries and not being able to be healthy for NFL (4:43)
  • Wanting to turn helping others and a passion to a business (10:03)
  • What it truly takes to be an elite athlete. (19:17)
  • Age should someone start training (23:12)
  • What are some key mistakes do parents make for young athletes (24:15)
  • Eating healthy with balance and working out (34:20)
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