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Episode #336
Julie Fullmer

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Mayor of Vineyard Utah Discusses How We Can All Get Involved In Our Community

Guest Bio:

Julie Fullmer is the first female mayor of Vineyard Utah. She’s been mayor of the city for over 4 years now, but was only in her twenties when she won a seat on city council.  In the first round of the last election Mayor Fullmer took the highest election percentage with 86.6% of the vote in her favor. Vineyard is now an emerging city and Mayor Fullmer is helping to facilitate its massive growth rate of 10,000%. In addition to the work she has done in Vineyard, she will be tossing her hat into the ring for Utah Congress on the next election cycle.

Show Notes:


  • Intro

  • Deciding on politics as a career

  • Becoming the mayor of Vineyard UT

  • Maintaining a functioning city during COVID

  • Running for Congress

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