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Episode #25

Justin Prince

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Co-Owner Modere - Your Story is Not Your Struggle, Your Story is How You Overcame Your Struggle



Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:22]

  • There are two ways to build the tallest building in town [4:10]

  • If someone does service for you, you are also doing service for them [5:00]

  • The two hardest things to do in business [6:46]

  • What intrigued him to turn his other business around [8:55]

  • The motivation to help other people [10:00]

  • Having a big dream and having a big struggle [11:00]

  • Going through the struggles and keeping the perspective of that you are trying to build [13:39]

  • What is success [16:50]

  • Expanding outside of your comfort zone [19:02]

  • The worst thing for ambition is comfort because comfort is the enemy to progress [20:37]

  • Your struggle is not your story, how you overcame the struggle is your story [25:00]

  • Setting the goal for who you will become in the process [27:07]

  • How vision and freedom effect your success [29:42]

  • Overcoming obstacles and becoming a leader [31:46]

  • Touching lives and connecting people [35:00]

  • Being 'the one' in generations to come [37:00]

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