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Episode #32

Kass Martin

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The Face of Zumba and How to Avoid Feeling Guilt or Shame as a Working Mom



Guest Bio:

Kass is an inspiring amazing woman and mom of two children. Kass moved to Utah in her childhood years still calls it home. She grew up with a fitness instructor mom and a dad that was everyone’s cheerleader. He instilled in her a beautiful confidence and love for life.


When Zumba fans across the world hear the name Kass Martin they get a huge smile and start shaking with excitement. Kass is known as the face of Zumba and spreads the love of Zumba fitness all over the world as an instructor, presenter, TV star, and teacher. Just talking with Kass, you immediately feel inspired by your own life. She is full of light and love and excitement. Above all of this, it is being a mom that she is most proud of.


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Show Notes

  • Introduction [1:08]

  • Being the face of Zumba [1:40]

  • What it's like to have a Nintendo Wii version of yourself [2:22]

  • The journey of getting back into shape after having a child [3:42]

  • The people met in group fitness changed her life while being a stay at home mom [4:15]

  • Why Zumba is a more enjoyable workout [6:50]

  • Gaining more self-confidence in one hour of Zumba than three months of working out [8:22]

  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin so people can feel comfortable in theirs [10:30]

  • How she knew she found her passion and the steps she took to get there [13:52]

  • How she met the creator of Zumba [14:34]

  • The failures she faced during the process of teaching [18:35]

  • Dealing with the negative comments and messages being said [18:57]

  • Doing your best with what you are given and who is there [20:04]

  • Not going back to the person you were before [21:06]

  • The importance of being authentic toward those around you [22:44]

  • How making things about the people and not yourself takes it so much further [25:00]

  •  The way she balances her Zumba work life and family life [28:10]

  • Advice for women balancing a career and being a mom at the same time [30:56]

  • Giving yourself permission to change your dream [31:22]

  • Finding what works for you and not for other people [33:57]

  • Happiness being your main goal [35:08]

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