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Episode #24

Keith Nellesen

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Co-Founder of Vivint - How we Built the Largest Sales Force in History



Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:10]

  • Why his companies focused on the younger crowd [3:16]

  • Having a competitive culture drove the success [5:14]

  • What set Vivint apart from the other companies [7:14]

  • Other people's issues affecting your business [8:32]

  • Going from 20,000-160,000 accounts [10:48]

  • Going from how do I get a customer to who do I want as a customer [12:30]

  • Thinking about the risk but not thinking about the loss [15:13]

  • When he realized he had something special [17:28]

  • Parting ways with Vivint [20:24]

  • When you have nothing to do, you get nothing done [21:17]

  • Helping Autistic children as well as his own and how it impacted his life [24:23]

  • Deciding different ventures [28:22]

  • Having control of his schedule and why he never wants a job again [29:30]

  • How horse racing turned in to his new passion [32:16]

  • Having resources means having more choices [33:55]

  • Advice to sales reps who make a lot of money and how to maintain it [37:32]

  • Difference between traders and investors [39:28]

  • Learning to live on a set amount of money [40:48]

  • Advice for people in or about to graduate college [43:27]

  • Balancing life with your career [46:32] 

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