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Episode #346
Kendall Fuhrman

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Author Of “You Are The Medicine” Shares Her Journey To Find Herself


Guest Bio:

Kendall Fuhrman is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Content Creator and now Author of You Are The Medicine. Kendall is passionate about all things spirituality, mindfulness and travel; her mission is to inspire others to find their happiness, personal power and medicine within! Kendall has built multiple successful businesses while traveling as a digital nomad to almost forty countries by the age of 25. Kendall owns her own viral marketing and content creation agency, Fuhrman Ventures Co., where she has built her online community to 555K followers and has reached hundreds of millions of people with her aspirational videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.


Show Notes:


  • Plant medicine

  • Learning to bring playfulness back

  • Ayahuasca in Peru

  • Accepting instead of rejecting emotions

  • Going through depression

  • Bufo / 5-MEODMT

  • Letting go of all expectations

  • How to avoid bad plant medicine experiences

  • "You Are The Medicine"

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