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Episode #223

Keoni Bowthorpe

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Creator & Director Of Movie "Saving Jaws" Hopes To Save Millions Of Sharks Through His Movies & Conservation Work

Guest Bio:

Hailing from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai'i, Keoni TeTawa Bowthorpe is an award-winning Director of Photography, Director, and Screenwriter. Making his beginnings in music videos, Keoni continues to specialize in fast-paced, flashy storytelling - with a passion for capturing the beauty of mother nature's creations. Keoni demonstrates a particular interest in ocean megafauna (Saving Jaws, Envoy: The Call), and fosters a special bond and preoccupation with sharks. At home in Hawai'i, Keoni was awarded the Andrew Carnegie Hero Medal after fighting an attacking shark off of a fellow surfer, and paddling the injured man to shore on his back - an event portrayed in HBO Real Sports in 2019.

Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:40)

  • Getting involved with saving sharks (6:01)

  • The problem with the movie “Jaws” (8:11)

  • How many sharks are killed per year (16:08)

  • Saving a man from a shark attack (24:43)

  • Encountering a shark while filming (32:21)

  • Finding the true beauty in fear (36:11)

  • What is the expectation shift that needs to happen (42:11)

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