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Episode #200

Kevin Trost

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President Of Clear Home Manages Thousands Of Sales Reps & Still Makes Time To Have More Fun Than Anyone I Know


Guest Bio:
Today's guest, Kevin Trost, is the president of Clear Home. This guy manages thousands of sales reps that go out every year and they sell satellite and cable door to door. He's also one of my close friends. I've known this guy for 15 years. If ever I felt like I missed out in life on something, it was by the time I met this dude, he was already married. And I can promise that we would have had so many good times and shenanigans had we'd been single at the same time. But he has moved on to bigger and better things, and he is killing it. And life is such a good time. It was recently a guest on his podcast, Blades of Steel, where they just love to talk about sports. I also have a podcast for the door to door industry. Kevin is a natural leader. He's a kind of guy that you just know cares about you. And this is a really fun podcast for me. There's so much knowledge here having the experience he does, training all these Rebs, managing all these reps and just taking care of them. And so I know you're going to love Kevin. Such a fun time.

Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:32)

  • Being self aware and loving yourself (3:42)

  • Don’t get excited over average (6:18)

  • Creating new records (9:58)

  • Growing up with energy (13:32)

  • Investing in baseball cards (19:21)

  • Celebrating the wins (24:20)

  • Keys to a successful relationship (29:46)

  • Power of celebration (42:38)

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