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Episode #283
Kirk Ouimet

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Co-Founder Scan App Discusses Exiting First Company For 8 Figures In His Mid 20's & 5 Years Working For Snapchat

Guest Bio:

I started a company, Scan, Inc. that was acquired by Snap. I worked at Snap for over 5 years leading the Creative Tools and Music teams with offices in Utah and Los Angeles. I retired from Snap in 2020 and now invest in and advise startups.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:15)

  • Diving with Tiger Sharks (4:06)

  • BitTorrent Concept (8:15)

  • The shift in the market (20:55)

  • Switching from Gold to Dollars (36:32)

  • Being prepared (48:16)

  • Pandemic issues (56:21)

  • Starting Scan App (1:06:02)

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