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Episode #104

Kristin Bennion

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Certified Sex Therapist Talks About The Problems Around Sexuality & How We Can Obtain The Sex Life We Want



Guest Bio:


Kristin considers herself one of the luckiest people because she gets to earn a living doing exactly what she loves! As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist, she has the opportunity to work with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Many of the people coming to see her are wanting to improve specific concerns related to their emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual well-being and experience. She strives to create a safe and collaborative environment in order to provide the support, education, and skill set for discussing her clients’ unique concerns. It’s not uncommon for her to hear feedback from clients that the process has been empowering and rewarding – providing them the pathway to desired insight and growth.



Kristin's journey as a therapist has taken her to many different settings, personally and professionally, in a relatively short time. Early in her professional development, she enjoyed working with a variety of mental health issues, but she quickly discovered a deep passion for working with sexuality, religious concerns, and the intersection of the two topics.



Before beginning her career as a therapist, she gained invaluable experience working as a case manager for a domestic violence shelter, serving on a homeless provider committee in Salt Lake City, and volunteering at the Rape Recovery Center through its Crisis Line and hospital response team. These experiences along with many others provided me with invaluable insight and clinical expertise in working with a spectrum of clinical topics.



In addition to running a practice and working with my clients, she decided to return to school and is working toward a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality after being out of grad school for nearly a decade. The knowledge she's gained thus far has only deepened on her understanding of sexuality and gender; issues which, she believes, can impact nearly everyone to one degree or another.

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Show Notes:


  • Introduction (1:27)

  • How Jimmy and Kristin first met (1:50) ​​

  • How should you talk to your kids about sex and what is the message (5:22)

  • Type of clients that she has and why they are there (8:32)

  • How she works with couples (9:14)

  • Why sex is so hard to talk to (10:25)

  • What are some good resources to read about for information (13:32)

  • How would a new couple learn to be open (16:39)

  • Being comfortable with a partner (21:06)

  • Stop having expectations and goals for sex (22:09)

  • Top myths versus reality with sexuality (29:43)

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