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Episode #38

Kyle Van Noy

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Super Bowl Champion Discusses Overcoming Challenges to Create a Blessed Life



Guest Bio:

Outside linebacker that was taken in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions. After not finding himself the right fit for the Lions, Kyle was then traded to the Patriots where he found immediate success and became their #1 linebacker. He won Super Bowl LI as a member of the New England Patriots in 2017 and was a huge success in the 2018 Super Bowl as well. He was a multi-sport athlete at McQueen High School, participating in baseball, basketball, and track in addition to football. Kyle was a star at Brigham Young University, being named Independent Defensive Player of the Year by College Sports Madness in 2013 and setting multiple individual records for his alma mater. He was crowned as Defensive MVP of the 2012 Poinsettia Bowl. Kyle is married to his sweetheart, Marissa which together they strive to make an impact throughout the world through their foundation.

Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:32)

  • The Journey to BYU (2:38)

  • Mother Influence in his Life (4:15)

  • The Process During His DUI (5:15)

  • Dealing with Diversity at BYU (6:40)

  • Utah State Game Freshman Year (8:50)

  • Relationship with Bronco Mendenhall (9:40)

  • Playing with Ziggy Ansah (10:42)

  • Touching on his "Brigham" saying (10:58)

  • Draft Day (15:22)

  • Being Football Educated (17:18)

  • Playing with the Detroit Lions (18:54)

  • Switching Postions (27:10)

  • Lions Fans and Media (27:45)

  • Being Traded to the Patriots (28:43)

  • Meeting With Mitt Romney (32:10)

  • First Practice with Patriots (33:31)

  • Meeting Tom Brady (35:00)

  • Relationship with Bill Belichick (37:10)

  • Last Years Super Bowl (41:00)











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