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Episode #64

Lacy Gadegaard

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Top Female Entrepreneur Talks About Building Laced Hair, and Being a Mom, While Battling MS



Guest Bio:

After graduating from Evans Hairstyling School at 19 years old, Lacy was offered a job at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas as a stylist assistant. She worked under some of the greatest stylists who couldn't believe the knowledge she already had to offer their salon -- thanks to Evans Hairstyling School. With some other intense training, they put Lacy on the floor as a stylist. Lacy was able to work on celebrity's hair where she would travel to Beverly Hills, she also worked on several photo shoots for magazines and even did hair for rockers on VH1.


She also continued her education in up-do, color, and cutting classes. But where she finally found her calling was doing hair extensions.


Thirteen years ago hair extensions were only available for elite and came at a pretty penny! So many women have thin fine hair that just won't grow. I felt like a magician all of the sudden their hair was long and the happiness I was helping to enhance was priceless to me.


After 7 amazing years at Bellagio lacy was asked to join the opening of the new hotel Aria at City Center as the new extension specialist! What an awesome opportunity. In the 6 short months, she was there, before a different opportunity moved her and her family to Michigan, she was able to do makeovers for E! network, both Canada and South America. 


It was during this time that her dream of owning an extension brand was born!


Lacy created Laced Hair Extensions in 2010. She had many clients that would fly to her (or she would travel to them, from all over the world. These clients wanted their hair and they wanted it now. She found she just couldn't wait for shipping of other companies. She got busy working out the details to open Laced Hair Extensions. 

It first started small just for her personal use, but Lacy had big plans for this business!

With the growth of social media and a great product that Lacy created she has turned Laced Hair into a global company!


She has trained hundreds of stylist in the Laced methods/techniques and they ship their hair all over the world. 

The Laced Hair brand has been seen on ABC, THE BACHELOR and Shark Tank on contestants, music videos, PEOPLE, and ALLURE, COSMOPOLITAN as well as being featured in several hair magazines, popular blogs, and country singers!

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:49)

  • How Jimmy and Lacy were first introduced (2:13)

  • How Lacy became a female entrepreneur (3:02)

  • Did Lacy always know the industry that she wanted to go into? (5:10) 

  • Lacy's first job and working with celebrities (9:52)

  • Advice Lacy has for anyone that is trying to market through social media (13:42)

  • How to be a stay at home mom but still thrive in business (14:50)

  • Lacy being diagnosed with MS and how she used that to motivate her (16:47)

  • Where does Lacy see herself and her business in the next 5 years (24:10)

  • What is the hardest part of owning your own location versus traveling to people (25:34)

  • What does Lacy do with her free time (27:29)

  • If Lacy overheard a conversation between her kids about what she does, what would they say(38:18)

  • What is Lacy's goal for business (44:44)

  • Lacy's charity and what keeps her motivated and inspired (47:33)

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