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Episode #243

Lance Schiffman

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Founder of Company Genshai, Author, Entrepreneur, Adventurer Shares His Life journey to Becoming a Genshai Warrior


Guest Bio:

Lance Schiffman’s endeavors read like a roll call: philanthropist, entrepreneur, adventurer, investor, author, speaker, consultant, coach, humanitarian, advisor, and closest to his heart, he is a father to three beautiful girls. He started his first business before age ten, and by age 20 he owned an apartment complex and gas station. This led to his interests in commercial and residential real estate. With keen interest in participating in others’ success, he invests financial and intellectual capital in ventures which have forward thinking and resilient leadership. Lance utilizes his business and life experiences to identify the elements of wonder and uses this as a platform to educate others on how to play full out and create a more engaged world. He believes what we cultivate has a ripple effect to economies, relationships, innovation, productivity, contribution, personal significance, and the intelligence of peace and a new horizon for how we live together in the world. An avid outdoorsman, Lance climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus. He loves endurance sports such as Triathlons (Ironman), DOXA and Cycling. He runs the mountain on which he lives in Summit, Utah each day, encountering moose and wildlife. Nature and his faith are his guides. Kristin Andress: If you rest on your laurels for long in life or business, Kristin Andress is bound to ask you, “How is that working for you?”  She is on a perpetual quest to create the What’s Next. Kristin began her career in corporate America and after the life of a road warrior, she exited and took two years off to write books, and become an entrepreneur with focus on bettering the world in which we live.  Her best day is a day she delivers a bold idea.  Over the years she has worked with high profile individuals, authors, speakers, and business owners. She believes everyone is accessible…if you have an offer that reflects pure intention and authenticity.  Kristin’s is the co-author of Imagine Being in a Life you Love.  She is a contributing author in Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life. She released an allegory titled, Be Good For Goodness Sake She is also the author of the children’s book A Walk in the Park. Her next quest will be traveling and writing around the world, reflecting the principles of Genshai. She currently lives in sunny San Diego.


Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:43)

  • Starting out in life (4:45)

  • Purchasing first real estate (6:32)

  • Surrounded by the right people (12:08)

  • Learning other business (19:48)

  • Making right investments (27:52)

  • Being the example to kids (36:33)

  • Stop letting society dictate your life (39:59)

  • Genshai (41:09)



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