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Episode #266

Laura Dawn

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Host "The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast" Shares Sacred Lessons Learned From 15 Years Hosting Psychedelic Retreats


Guest Bio:

Author and international speaker, Laura Dawn has been leading transformational retreats for 10 years. After building a volcanic hot spring on the Big Island of Hawaii, she founded  her new company AYA Visionary, offering a new retreat framework for exploring sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for transformation and creative manifestation. She weaves together Eastern philosophy with the latest research in the fields of neuroscience, psychedelic studies and quantum physics to teach you how to become the visionary of your life, radically expand what you believe is possible and anchor your inner visions into reality.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:09)

  • First experiences (3:46)

  • Retreats and business (7:43)

  • The mission and the why (14:15)

  • What can we learn (23:15)

  • Starting out and steps (32:15)


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