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Episode #338
Laurie Frazier

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Author Of “Get a F*%#ing Divorce Already” Helps People Learn How To Re-Take Control Of Their Lives

Guest Bio:

Laurie Frazier is the author of “Get A F*%#ing Divorce Already”, a book that explains the ways people put up with being treated poorly, how to turn things around in marriage, and 7 deadly archetypes of bad relationships. More than that though, the book teaches you how to take back control in your life.


Laurie’s been a spiritual teacher for over 40 years, founded a conscious community called The House of Moksha (aka The Moon Show) that met twice a month for 7 years on the new and full moon. As a transformational life coach, Laurie assists her clients in becoming emotionally free —so they are free to step into their authenticity and create a life they’ve only dreamed.


Show Notes:


  • Intro

  • “Get A F*%#ing Divorce Already”

  • Settling for fine

  • Taking control of your life

  • Following your heart

  • Raising levels of consciousness

  • Living Authentic Lives

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