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Episode #214

Lex Scott

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Black Lives Matter - Utah Chapter President Discusses Race, Politics & The Mission Of BLM

Guest Bio:
Today on the podcast, I wanted to tackle a very tough issue, one that is obviously very
prominent right now in the news and going on every single day. So I sat down with Lex Scott. She is the head and the president of the chapter of Black Lives Matter here in the state of Utah. And in this podcast, the reason I want to get Lex on the show is I'm personally trying to understand and trying to listen. I'm trying to figure out ways to bring the community together and figure out ways to understand better this issue, the things I don't understand, the problems that I don't have in my own life or I can't see. And so I sat down with Lex and we had a really fun, interesting conversation. We touched on a lot of subjects, some that are very controversial. But more than anything, what I tried to get out of this and what I tried to do is kind of come into this podcast as a student and try to learn so that I could actually make these situations better, try to be a person that has empathy towards others situation and tried to infect change myself in any way that I can. So I hope as you listen to this podcast that you'll be able to take away from this, that most people, when we sit down and we appreciate each other and we just talk and we actually hear each other out, that we are able to respect each other and get to a place where we can both walk away better people, we can understand each other better, we can have love for each other. I would consider Lex as a friend of mine now, after doing this podcast and we didn't agree on everything, which was kind of cool, but I think that is the thing that they are trying to do the most right now. Those that are trying to divide is trying to get both sides to really put ourselves into a corner of paint yourself into a corner where you can't find this middle ground or this medium ground and so me and Lex, I felt like did a really good job of that on the podcast. I'm super proud of this conversation that we were able to have.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:29)

  • What is Black Lives Matter (3:06)

  • Creating activist groups and solutions (5:44)

  • Working with police (7:56)

  • Reforming bills (10:43)

  • Believing everyone is human (14:25)

  • Police reform (18:54)

  • The Ferguson Effect (21:24)

  • Defunding the police (24:50)

  • Current times and protests (33:02)

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