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Episode #34

Linden Baker

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25-Year-Old Young Woman Employs Over 2,000 Impoverished Women All Around the World



Guest Bio:

Linden is the Co-Founder of Fair Kind which now employs over 2,000 women in 8 different Countries. She saw an opportunity to make a difference in the world and didn't just stop there.


Fair Kind is a social enterprise that sources handmade products from artisan groups around the world for corporate clients. By combining product design and community development projects, we cater to company's specific product needs and giveback goals.


Our mission is to build the capacity of artisan groups around the world by facilitating their entrance into the global market. This is accomplished by designing and customizing products for Western consumers, bridging the gap between artisans and corporate clients, and funding community development projects.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes

  • Introduction [1:24]

  • Having over 2,000 artisans in different countries [3:58]

  • Launching a giant company at age twenty-three [5:44]

  • What got her wanting to start the business [6:27]

  • Revamping the entire company to be more suitable [8:50]

  • The many lives she helped change along the way [11:04]

  • Helping to empower over two thousand women all over the world [11:30]

  • How giving opportunities means more than 'stuff' [12:20]

  • Where her passion for human rights started [12:34]

  • Being aware of your surroundings in different countries [15:38]

  • Boosting her users companies and what it meant to her [17:25]

  • Her business goal for the company [18:37]

  • How work can interfere with relationships [19:32]

  • Loving what you do so it's not considered work [20:24]










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