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Episode #345
Lindsay Hansen Park

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LDS Historian Hired As The Historical & Cultural Consultant For New Hulu Series “Under The Banner Of Heaven”


Guest Bio:

Lindsay Hansen Park is an LDS historian that was recently hired as the historical and cultural consultant for the Hulu Series “Under The Banner Of Heaven”. Lindsay has spent over a decade specializing in Mormon history and is now one of the world’s top LDS historians. She has also been the host of the Sunstone Podcast and the Year Of Polygamy Podcast.


Show Notes:

  • “Under The Banner Of Heaven”

  • Critiques of the show

  • Acting as a consultant

  • History of the show and Lafferty murders

  • Historical accuracy of the show

  • How to research true Mormon history

  • You find what you look for

  • The trauma of Mormonism

  • Fascinating stories of Mormons

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