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Episode #26

Mac Bohonnon

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Current Olympic Ariel Ski Jumper Talks Dedication and How He’s Been Preparing for Pyeongchang Since Age 12



Selected Links and People from the Episode:

Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:29]

  • Learning to ski while learning to walk [3:05]

  • Moving out of his parent house at the age of twelve [4:11]

  • Having friends as idols [5:36]

  • Being the only guy in the United States with a World Cup Podium that year [8:06]

  • Not having or feeling pressure from other people helped his success [8:52]

  • A day in Olympic training [11:46]

  • Starting with the basic building blocks to prevent injury [14:52]

  • The dynamic of the best trick he does [15:51]

  • Doing what he loves and what he does on his days off [17:37]

  • Immersing yourself in something to be great [19:37]

  • Pushing through times when things don't go your way [28:06]

  • Finding what you love and dedicating your life to it [28:40]

  • How having support turned in to one of the main reasons he is so successful [29:35]

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