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Episode #42

Maquel COoper

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Successful Photographer & Contestant from the Most Recent "Bachelor" Talks About Her Reality TV Experience


Guest Bio:

Maquel Cooper is best known for her recent experience on the popular reality TV Show Bachelor. Maquel lasted quite a few rounds on the show as she was gaining traction with the head contestant, Ari. 


Maquel currently resides in her home state of Utah, where she is a very successful Photographer and model.





Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:45)

  • The aftermath of the Bachelor and watching the show when it released (2:20)

  • The Process of how Maquel went on the Bachelor (3:10)

  • How did the production work and the timing of filming function (5:33)

  • The traveling and locations of each episode (5:53)

  • How many of the girls are actually interested in the Bachelor that is chosen (6:29)

  • How do the other women honestly act and treat the other women (7:30)

  • Relationship with the "villain" of the show (9:30)

  • How much is the show scripted or guided (11:40)

  • How does the show work when filming is over (12:38)

  • Maquel being recently divorced before she went on the bachelor (13:14)

  • Maquel's professional career as a photographer (15:06)

  • How has the bachelor appearance helped her personal career (15:30)

  • How has dating changed for Maquel since the bachelor (16:20)

  • What does she feel about Social Media and dating (17:25)

  • Momentum on the show and then leaving for a funeral (18:01)

  • Maquel being personally attacked on the show (19:35)

  • When she actually got asked to leave the show and how she felt (22:12)

  • How did her religion play into the show (23:11)

  • How she struggled with the modesty on the show that she wants to perceive (24:31)

  • What Maquel wishes she would have done differently on the show (25:10)

  • How did Maquel's family and friends react to her being on the show (25:59)

  • Jimmy's experience with Ari and other bachelor contestants (26:42)

  • Would Maquel ever consider going on another reality show (30:10)





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