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Episode #140

McLean Taylor

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Divorce Expert & Life Coach Shares Insights On How He Helps Couples Through Separation

Guest Bio:

McLean is an accomplished businessman, best selling author, and life transformational Breakthrough Expert.


Launching his own business in leadership consulting, McLean created multiple six figures in four months.


He specializes in victimhood and authentic mindset training - claiming that “faking it till you make it” will only keep you stuck in life.


He has spoken across the United States for many companies on the importance of authenticity in relationships and business.


In a four month period of time, McLean managed sales teams responsible for over $1.6 million in sales for the Fortune 200 company, Dish Network. 


He consistently achieved quarterly quota his entire career working at Workfront. McLean also developed $407,393 of pipeline in his first two weeks at Workfront. He enjoys working out, dancing, singing, and is driven to do his best in whatever he involves himself.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:49)

  • Becoming a life coach and figuring his purpose (3:43)

  • Living through experience (5:14)

  • Going through a divorce after 3 months (8:20)

  • Investing into learning and emotional skills (16:55)

  • Using certain techniques to help you grow (28:15)

  • Getting away from addictions (34:41)

  • Why would you hire a life coach during a divorce period (42:35)


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