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Episode #141

Melissa Watts

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Powerful Woman & Owner of Lash Bar Shares Her Story of Trial & Triumph

Guest Bio:

Melissa is the owner of the very popular, Lash Bar where she has built the business from the ground part standing on strong values and core beliefs.

From her linkedin profile: Life is short, change the world! I worked in the door to door sales industry for eight years, as an off season recruiter and a sales rep during the summer months. As one of the most sought after recruiters in the industry, I am self motivated, outgoing and competitive. While managing a team in Colorado and Las Vegas I learned how to motivate others and lead by example through work ethic, organization and determination. My sales experience helped me develop great tools and skills that have benefited me in building my own business.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:41)

  • Starting the lash bar and learning quick (3:45)

  • Having a positive outlook with no bashing (7:40)

  • Living life with hard expectations (9:15)

  • Growing up in England and childhood (10:33)

  • The day and the life of an entrepreneur (15:33)

  • Living a life full of charity (22:15)

  • Building a successful workplace (26:27)

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