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Episode #314
Michael Alisa

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Former BYU Football Star Gets Vulnerable About Depression & Life After Football 


Guest Bio:

Michael Alisa is a former college athlete and football star having played for BYU as a running back and linebacker. Michael currently owns CoreRevive, a fitness studio that  combines variations of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training. Every workout program at CoreRevive is unique and team-based to provide members with challenging exercises, motivation, camaraderie, and results. Michael works as a model on the side and has done modeling for Nordic Track and various other companies, but his passion remains fitness and he's dedicated his life to help others get in the best possible shape of their lives!

Show Notes

  • Intro (1:03)

  • Vulnerability & removing masks (7:16)

  • Depression/anxiety within family (9:33)

  • Changing habits (19:52)

  • Building systems for life (40:22)

  • Helping others become healthier (44:17)

  • How to motivate others (49:42)

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