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Episode #293
Michael McHenry

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Restauranteur Has Employed Over 2,500 People In His Several Utah Places Including "Sundays Best", "Dirty Bird", + "Ginger Street"

Guest Bio:

With a heart power passion for people, Michael has dedicated his career to the cause of "championing others to their full potential." This is evident in his successful business ventures, as an impact leader, restaurateur and most apparent, founder of The McHenry Group.


Creating real, sustainable change through his teach, coach, lead philosophy is a reality felt by many and Michael believes whole heartedly, the best investment is always the one made into others.


Go, Grow, Succeed.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:18)

  • Restaurants during Covid (2:09)

  • 100 Dollar Dinner Club (6:36)

  • Jimmy’s first job (13:06)

  • Treating different behavior styles (20:18)

  • Bowling to restauranteur (25:51)

  • The power of balance (31:32)

  • Whats next (42:29)


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