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Episode #383
Michelle Kaufusi

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Mayor Of Provo Is The Leader Of One Of America's Top 5 Cities To Raise A Family In

Guest Bio:

Michelle Kaufusi is the first female mayor of Provo, Utah. She’s the 45th mayor of the city and has served in the position since 2017. Michelle recently unveiled her four Provo Pillars to show a renewed focus on strong foundational principles while positioning Provo for growth opportunities; Welcoming, Safe & Sound, Economically Vibrant and Forward-Looking

Michelles husband is former Philadelphia Eagles lineman Steve Kaufusi. Together they have 5 children, Alexis, Bronson, Corbin, Daryl, & Devin.

Show Notes:

  • Intro

  • Family dynamics

  • Coming from a poor family & the versatility it provides

  • The unique aspects of governing Provo

  • Challenges and the exciting parts of in politics

  • BYU

  • The Provo Airport and economic development

  • Cutthroat politics

  • Navigating Covid and what we didn’t see

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