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Episode #328
Mike Allen

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Founder of Shred Video and Jimmy’s College Roommate

Guest Bio:

Mike Allen is the founder and CEO of Shred Video, a company that utilizes algorithmic video editing for adventure travel and lifestyle movies. Shred Video consumer applications can be found on OS X, iOS, and AppleTV in the App Store. In addition to the CEO of Shred Video, Mike is one of Jimmy’s college roommates.

Show Notes:


  • Intro (1:07)

  • Alcohol and it’s effects (1:40)

  • Journey’s and plant medicine (13:30)

  • Who is Mike Allen (14:53)

  • Being intentional with your words (17:31)

  • Conspiracies (24:45)

  • Censorship (31:01)

  • Unmentionable words (38:35)

  • Jimmy’s coaching group & connecting with others (55:26)

  • The Metaverse (1:00:00)

  • Sports (1:10:53)

  • Self preservation, the LDS church, and vaccines (1:18:44)

  • Wealth and happiness (1:32:56)

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