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Episode #333
Mike Miller

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Owner Of “Life Elevated Trailers” Bootstrapped & Built Large Trailer Dealership From The Ground Up

Guest Bio:


Mike Miller founded Life Elevated Trailers 2013 in a one office building and an inventory of two trailers. Through hard work and some luck, Life Elevated has grown into a full service dealership with hundreds of trailers in stock at all times. Mike built the company from ground up and taken the business to where it is now, having earned a place as one of the top 5 dealers for Look Trailers, Trails West Rookie Of The Year, and is a top rated dealership!

Show Notes:


  • Thinking for yourself

  • Inheriting more money than Mike had ever made

  • Having Jimmy as a roommate

  • The dangers of too much money while young

  • Dealing trailers

  • Becoming an expert through learning

  • Fulfillment

  • Surviving an avalanche

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