Episode #218

Trevor Milton

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Billionaire Founder & CEO Of Nikola Motors Shares His Vision To Change The World Through Clean Energy 

Guest Bio:

Author of multiple innovative and market adopted patents, founder of five start-ups and currently the Founder and Executive Chairman of billion-dollar startup Nikola Motor Company.


At Nikola, we've assembled one of the most talented teams and together, have created innovative products that will support our vision of a zero-emissions future. This has led to over 14 billion dollars in pre-order reservations for the portfolio.


Nikola designs and manufactures hydrogen-electric vehicles including the Nikola One, Two and Tre semi-trucks, along with an all-electric portfolio of Powersports products including the Nikola WAV and NZT.


Unlike most OEM manufactures, Nikola provides an entire ecosystem to customers that includes; vehicles, hydrogen fuel, service, warranty, and maintenance. This ecosystem allows the Nikola lineup to be cost competitive with diesel trucks.


Prior to working at Nikola Motor Company, I was the CEO and founder of dHybrid Systems LLC, a natural gas storage technology company which was acquired by America's largest steel providers, Worthington Industries, Inc. Prior to dHybrid Systems LLC, I was the CEO and founder of dHybrid, Inc., which recalibrated diesel engines to run off both natural gas and diesel to reduce emissions. Prior to dHyrid Inc. I was the CEO and founder of upillar.com an e-commerce site that competed with Amazon. Prior to upillar.com I was the CEO and founder of SGS Alarms, an ADT authorized dealer.


While in my youth, I spent most of my time in Las Vegas NV, Kanab UT, Provo UT, Sao Paulo Brazil, Puerto Rico, Saint George Utah, SLC Utah and then finally Phoenix Arizona. I was lucky enough to become fluent in Portuguese and semi-fluent in Spanish while living abroad.


I am a dynamic and forward-thinking entrepreneur. I am full of energy, drive, enthusiasm, vision, entrepreneurship, creativity, and fire in the belly. My love for new technology is what drives me to innovate.


In all honesty, who really cares! Long live NIKOLA TESLA.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:58)

  • Being a guest again on the show (2:15)

  • Dealing with the critics (4:52)

  • What’s coming with Nikola Motors (7:12)

  • Tesla vs Nikola (10:53)

  • Going through failures and trials (17:10)

  • Finding the good in people (24:18)

  • Touching the earth (27:15)

  • Changing lives through Nikola (39:27)

  • Taking Nikola Public (46:22)

  • Nikola Badger Update (59:20)

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