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Episode #39

Miranda Alcaraz

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Top female CrossFit athlete shares how her fitness passion saved her life



Guest Bio:

Miranda Alcaraz was one of the first women to have competed at the beginning of the Crossfit games. Her success has taken her across America as one of the best competitors from the West Coast. Miranda started her fitness career as a personal trainer, helping clients, and herself to stay in shape. One thing led to another, and Miranda went to a Crossfit gym in her local area. Within a short period of time, Miranda became hooked to Crossfit. Year-after-year Miranda became stronger, more skilled, and fitter. She then took to competing, winning many competitions in team events, and placing in respectable positions as a single competitor. Two weeks before the 2012 Crossfit games, Miranda, unfortunately, suffered a serious hand, and neck injury in a car accident.  However, Miranda’s experience in the hospital wasn’t an easy one. After arriving at the hospital, Miranda had to fight with the doctor to get her hand ex-raid. Even though Miranda expressed severe amounts of pain in her hand and neck, the doctor refused to x-ray anything other than her hand. The doctor in the hospital told Miranda that she had only sprained her neck (whiplash). So, being a strong Crossfit athlete, and with one hand in a cast, Miranda carried on her life regardless – training individuals, and working at Crossfit games. However, it wasn’t until she went to have her hand cast replaced by a specialist orthopedic surgeon, that he said her neck should also be ex-raid. After Miranda left the doctors, she headed straight to a Crossfit game. All of a sudden, Miranda begun to receive calls from the specialist doctor telling her that she had broken her neck in two different places. She knew that she had a long way to recovery but that didn't stop her at all.





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Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:16)

  • Jimmy and Miranda's Relationship (3:10)

  • Miranda's life being a mom and the differences (3:36)

  • Life before CrossFit and Fitness (5:03)

  • The start of fitness and Miranda becoming a fitness instructor and personal training (6:51)

  • How Miranda opened up the first CrossFit Gym in Utah (7:45)

  • Being locked out of the Gym that she worked at (8:51)

  • Jimmy's experience with CrossFit (9:15)

  • Learning CrossFit by watching YouTube Videos (10:33)

  • Current role of teaching all CrossFit Trainers (11:24)

  • What forced Miranda to attach to CrossFit (11:55)

  • Miranda's Car Accident (12:50)

  • Finding out about having neck injuries (15:13)

  • The road to recovery and getting back to CrossFit (19:07)

  • Figuring out the Social Media side of her business (20:27)

  • Creating her own App for CrossFit (21:07)

  • Learning that being honest and vulnerable was the best way to connect (23:53)

  • Dealing with her best friends suicide (28:16)

  • Learning what is best to eat to keep healthy (39:27)

  • Staying in shape while running a business (45:13)








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