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Episode #350
Neal Currey

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Former Army Ranger & Owner Of ReadyGunner Talks Gun Rights & 2nd Amendment


Guest Bio:

Neal Currey is the owner & founder of Ready Gunner and a former Army Ranger with the 2nd battalion 75 Ranger Regiment. After two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan with his unit, Neal left the military and moved on to the private sector. Following that, he started Ready Gunner, a firearm shop & shooting range in Orem Utah. In addition to selling firearms, Ready Gunner offers classes from standard Concealed Carry Permit courses to advanced marksmanship courses.


Show Notes:


  • Serving as a U.S. Army Ranger

  • Freedom

  • U.S. Gun Laws

  • Owning Ready Gunner

  • Preventing School Shootings

  • Gun Ownership In The Past 3 Years

  • Price Of Ammo

  • Future of the U.S.

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