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Episode #302
Nick Greer

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Doctor Who Discovered Hydroxychloroquine + Helped President Trump Recover From Covid Discusses The Vaccine


Guest Bio:

Nick Greer is a born entrepreneur—he started selling baseball cards to his classmates when he was ten years old, mowed lawns for his neighbors, and maybe sold fireworks to neighborhood kids when he was a teenager in Arizona. He has been interested in all kinds of business and helping others his entire life.

After serving an LDS mission in Romania, Nick finished a degree in Finance at Brigham Young University and became a huge fan of BYU football and basketball. He taught over 2500 students Entrepreneurship and shared his passion for building a business while he was an adjunct professor at the Y.

One of Nick’s first businesses was a technology and marketing company he started in 2002 called One on One Marketing. With over 7,000 websites and domains, he built one of the fastest-growing companies in the state of Utah. He later sold the company to two private equity groups.

GreerCo was formed soon after, and focuses on business and real estate investments. Currently GreerCo owns and funds over two dozen businesses, thousands of multi-family units, corporate buildings, storage facilities, barns, rental properties, a gorgeously-restored flour mill, and more. Some of these businesses include Skipio—a customer-messaging platform with a strong lead-nurturing capability; and Built Bar—a low calorie, high-protein bar that tastes like candy and is taking the country by storm.

Giving back has always been important to the Greer family. Nick and his wife, Deborah, created the Five12 Foundation that provides a weekend meal backpack that feeds thousands of children in his community every week. Over 50,000 bags of food will be provided to kids this school year.

One of Nick’s favorite things in the world is his family. He and his wife have seven good-looking and hard-working kids, who Nick loves to travel and spend time with.

Show Notes

    • Introduction (1:48)

    • Working with BYU Football (2:06)

    • The brand behind Built (11:26)

    • Finding your true path (19:03)

    • The younger generation (24:10)

    • Power behind the “why” (31:03)

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