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Episode #195

Niyc Pidgeon

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Author & Business Coach To Women Entrepreneurs Shares Her story & Talks How She Helps Empower Women Every Day

Guest Bio: 
My big mission is to help a million women change their lives using positive psychology by the year 2020… and I’m well on my way to making that happen with both my book, and the online coaching programs I lead for women entrepreneurs around the world.

I love helping awesome women live empowered lives that are filled with so much joy and success, and my own story and the success stories of my clients show how possible it is to create your dreams, and have so much fun whilst doing it too. 

The Unstoppable Success Accelerator is my 12-month signature mindset and business coaching program that supports women entrepreneurs to create unstoppable success within their coaching, consulting, and other service based businesses. You can check it out here. 

I am also committed to creating the best free content to support you in happiness and success, so I will be sharing weekly freebies here for you, in the form of audios, guidebooks, blogs, podcasts, and meditations. 

Look out for them every week on a Wednesday! 

As well as my accelerator program, I run a monthly membership – the Now Is Your Chance VIP Society, which helps you create success so much faster through learning from trainings in the areas of Goal Setting, Time Management, Confidence, Motivation, and of course Positive Psychology. I run a live training for the VIP Society every month where you can get your questions answered too. You can find out more about the VIP Society here. 

And finally, if you’re struggling with your wealth consciousness and you know you’re meant for success, but something just isn’t lining up for you, you might want to take a look at your money mindset. Happy Women Make More Money, is my 5-week Positive Psychology training program to help you step in to your power, shift your mindset, and make more money as your happiest self.



Show Notes


  • Introduction (3:04)

  • Connecting women together (3:48)

  • The power of collaboration (4:27)

  • Getting started with a degree (5:40)

  • Positive and negative to every situation (6:30)

  • What we focus on comes into life (9:23)

  • Becoming an author + second book (12:51)

  • Being raped and overcoming it (14:08)

  • Turning a bad event into something powerful (22:48)

  • Dealing with suicide in life (24:53)

  • How Niyc helps coach women to empower (31:29)

  • Digital marketing and knowing how to launch (33:38)


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