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Episode #136

Oakley Peterson

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Author of Blog "Nothing Down About It" & Mom of 3 Discusses Her Life With Her Son, Welles

Guest Bio:

From her blog site "Nothing Down About It"


Our baby boy has an extra chromosome and a smile that rocks our world. The pure happiness of a Down Syndrome child is simply too beautiful not to share! This website highlights the tender mercies God bestows on families with special needs.


He loves his daddy, plays with his sister, and lights up for me. He'll be our baby for a lifetime. Every day I look forward to kissing his sweet face and finding joy in my son. I hope to encourage other mothers out there who are new to this situation. I was just there at the beginning and now offer you my support and love.


Our wonderful special children unite us with a unique bond, blessing, and responsibility. Together we can shrug off stigmas and help people embrace the goodness of these angels among us! Together we can help all of our children realize their full potential.



Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:29)

  • First experience with her son Welles (2:55)

  • The changes you need to make before having a kid with an extra chromosome (12:30)

  • Going through stages of morning to being in love (14:05)

  • The gift of learning (15:44)

  • Seeing the opportunity to help others (17:15)



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