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Episode #22

Paul Hutchinson

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Kings & King Makers; Starting & Building $10 Billion Fund


Paul Hutchinson is a co-founder of multiple private equity real estate funds with approximately $8.85 Billion of Assets Under Management. These real estate funds have depended heavily on Mr. Hutchinson direct capital raising efforts since inception. The investor capital cascades down to real estate related investments through a host of companies that employ approximately 1000 people in 17 states, of which Mr. Hutchinson is also a co-owner. Paul is currently on the board for multiple charities including O.U.R and Make a Wish Utah. Paul dedicates a lot of his life to ensuring that others can enjoy theirs no matter what the circumstances might be.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:43]

  • Being cautious with your time and who occupies it [3:29]

  • Standing by what you say you're going to do [4:37]

  • How he started a ten billion dollar fund [6:30]

  • Advice that was given by a mentor for his career [7:35]

  •  Learning how to handle rejection [8:15]

  • Work to learn not work to earn [10:03]

  • Learning in order to grow [11:12]

  • The process of becoming a billion-dollar company [16:40]

  • The importance of partnership and finding the right one [18:36]

  •  How your network makes a huge impact on your success [19:47]

  • How to identify a great partner [24:20]

  • His story about when he personally went on an O.U.R mission [31:20]

  • He personally helped rescue over 300 children [35:30]

  • Increasing your circle of influence [38:50]

  • The meaning behind Hutch 2020 [40:05]

  • Making a powerful and positive influence in the lives of millions of people [43:49] 

  • Motivating yourself with things [47:00]

  • Advice for a young kid on making a difference [51:20]

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