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Episode #309
Rashad Evans

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UFC Hall Of Famer & Former Light Heavyweight Champion Talks On Finding Peace As A Warrior

Guest Bio:

Rashad Evans is a former UFC fighter and Light Heavyweight Champion, earning the title in 2008. One of his most notable fights occurred when Evans came in as an underdog at UFC 88 and shocked the world with a knockout blow to Chuck Liddell, a former Light Heavyweight Champion, earning Evans an award for “knockout of the year”. In 2019 he was inducted into UFC Hall of fame and is widely considered one best fighters from his weight class. In addition to the UFC, Evans saw success as the heavyweight winner in the Ultimate Fighter 2. In recent years, he has been interviewed on The Joe Rogan Experience among other shows and acted as a commentator for ESPN and MMA Live.


Show Notes

  • Intro (1:10)

  • Becoming a fighter (4:21)

  • NHB and reservation tournaments (9:25)

  • A background in wrestling (10:50)

  • The satisfaction of helping others (13:10)

  • Emotional challenges of fights (19:00)

  • Camaraderie through challenges (24:23)

  • Discovering plant medicine (27:40)

  • Umbo: Mushroom-powered sports nutrition (33:52)

  • Thoughts on future fights (41:52)

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