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Episode #126

Rich Eggett

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Founder & CEO Rockwell Watches Shares How He Used His Employees Passions to Build a Top Brand


The Rockwell Story

Rockwell was born out of a need for commitment. A commitment to redefine a style, devote ourselves to quality, and remain loyal to those we surround ourselves with... to never end up in the world of "could have, should have, would have."

This dedication to commitment is at the heart of every Rockwell watch. The Rockwell emblem reveals a life of uncompromising style, action and confidence... confidence fueled by the weight on your wrist and the story you have to tell.

We sincerely hope that your Rockwell watch serves as a reminder of a time when you could proudly say, "Watch Me."


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:33)

  • Learning a life lesson while running with bulls (3:54)

  • How he got started with Rockwell watches (10:43)

  • Working inside an industry that he loves (14:22)

  • Building a culture behind the brand (19:32)

  • How to understand Branding (26:31)

  • Wrestling at BYU and what he learned (32:35)

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